History of On The Mat Rankings

The genesis of On the Mat Rankings was born inside a publication that Tim and Kent Yount started in 1994 as a result of a gap they saw in coverage and promotions of the sport in Colorado. For five years, these two brothers built a newsletter that included interviews, statistics, rankings, schedules, recognition of top performances and athlete features. There were many who subscribed – from high school coaches to college coaches and parents, all of whom were seeking fun information around the sport at this time.

After five years, brother Kent felt the nudge from his family to spend more time with them which meant either the publication should be retired or Tim should continue to support the effort in some different way. The response was a spin out of the rankings as a stand alone extension of the On the Mat Brand with a slight deviation to On the Mat Rankings. What helped drive the commitment was the fact that CHSAA officially recognized the rankings as those of the state of Colorado. For 22 years, rankings in Colorado have been driven by On the Mat.

If it is happening in the sport, On the Mat is aware of it. If we don’t, we appreciate having others bring us in the know.

Over the past few years, On the Mat has created a few additional services of support for the sport, coaches and administrators which include the following –

1. Schedules of every tournament, dual, triangular, quad attended by teams in the State

2. A platform for sharing tournament or dual openings and needs for coaches sent 2-3x per week. This includes sharing camps and clinics for host organizers. This is a free service.

3. Advocacy for the sport which means sharing stories with various press as leads and insights are learned with those covering the sport in Colorado. This includes driving ideas and concepts to those seeking plans and proposals for new and different processes to considered by CHSAA and the Wrestling Committee.

4. Leads the charge for Flo state rankings so that Colorado has a place to expose athletes to the rest of the U.S.

5. Assisting the sport at whatever level needed which includes a rallying effort behind Covid-19 protocols and workarounds, and as a sounding board for considerations for the sport in CO that can help it to meet sundry needs that arise as the sport matures.